Come in and browse through the herds of horses and roam through the friendly wildlife.
You'll find here six portfolios.
In the " COLORFUL CRITTERS" Portfolio, you'll find the expressive and colorful oil paintings of domestic and wild horses and wildlife.
The "WATERCOLOR" portfolio is filled with paintings of your favorite friendly wildlife with an occasion cowboy riding through.
In the third portfolio "WET PAINT", you'll find Colleen's most recent work both Watercolor and Oil.
The fourth portfolio is where you'll find " AVAILABLE PRINTS".
"ARCHIVED" contains original artwork in private collections.
"GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK" visitors I've added a few Watercolor Landscape Paintings in the fifth portfolio.
The newest addition is CRAZY LOVE for women who have that special relationship with animals.
You may enter the different portfolio's by through the "GALLERY" or scroll down and click on the title, then enlarge by clicking on the image.
For information and purchase of original paintings and reproductions (notecard/prints) please visit my Daily Paintworks Gallery-http://www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/colleen-drury-7002/artworkEnjoy your visit. I appreciate your comments if you
care to take the time to do so.
Inquiry of originals can also be made by contacting Colleen by email @ druryart@hotmail.com or phone 307-857-9970 or contacting the individual gallery directly.

Colleen Drury's gallery contains 157 photos.


So Pleased to Meet You Colorful Critters
Paintings done in oil, inspired by years of watching horses interact with one another.
Magpie SOLD Watercolor
From C-Cowboys to W-Wildlife in here.
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff SOLD WET PAINT
You'll find Colleen's newest work (both Watercolor and Oil) in this Portfolio. Enjoy!
Reproductions of Your Favorite Oil and Watercolor
Pride SOLD Archived GTNP Notecard Assortment Grand Teton Park Landscapes
Watercolor Landscapes
Painted Ladies Crazy Love
She has that special relationship.